ECCC Race Recap (3/2-3/3)

And they’re off!

This will be the first of our weekly race recaps.  I will be enlisting team member to write weekly guest posts, so you can expect a variety of perspectives on our ECCC racing season over the course of the next eight weeks.  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, we are a fairly young team with seven new members, so right now we have riders in Men’s Intro, D, C, and A, as well as Women’s Intro, C, and B.

As most of you probably know, our collegiate road racing season began this past weekend in New Brunswick, New Jersey at Rutger’s aptly named Frozen Toed Season Opener (my toes were certainly frozen throughout the weekend even with my heavy-duty, wind/waterproof shoe covers).  Temps may have risen into the 40s, but the wind-chill and lack of sunshine led to cold riding and spectating conditions.  We even noticed a few flurries right before the Women’s A/B Crit on Saturday.  I guess I’m basically trying to say that we, members of the ECCC, are pretty hardcore starting up our road race season in early March.  Several racers ingeniously sported full, mummy-style sleeping bags while cheering for teammates alongside the circuit course on Sunday, and I have to admit that I was pretty jealous.

The weekend kicked off early Saturday morning at 7am with a flat out and back 2.2 mile time trial.  Alex and Jamie placed 10 and 11th respectively out of 37 riders in the Men’s Intro field.  Peter placed 11th in Men’s D, and Brandon and Ben placed 38 and 39th respectively in Men’s C.  On the women’s side, Courtney placed 17th in Women’s Intro, and I (McKayla) placed 7th in Women’s B.

Peter Skaggs ’16

We ate lunch around 9am and got back on the bikes for a full afternoon of crit racing.  Highlights include Jamie’s 12th place and Peter’s 19th place finish. I think most of us were just happy that no one crashed!  On Sunday, we headed over to Jamesburg for the Thompson Park Circuit Race (this course was actually the Crit course last year).  Courtney and Alex both placed 11th in their Intro races, and Peter rounded off his weekend with a respectable 15th place finish.  I placed 6th in Women’s B.

Overall, I’d say we had a great first weekend!  As a team, we’re ranked 15th out of 19 D2 schools (leaving ourselves with plenty of room for improvement as the season progresses).  Major props to Courtney, Alex, Jamie, and Peter who all competed in their first bike races this past weekend!

McKayla Dunfey ’13

Warming up by the Ham-van. Peter Skaggs ’16 on the rollers!

Brandon Wilson ’14

Ben Conley ’15

We’re bringing another team of 7 riders to Columbia this weekend, so stay-tuned for our next race report early next week.

Photos by Ben Conley ’15


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