Hi all,

Just thought I’d post a short update on team happenings on this sunny snowy afternoon here in Clinton, NY.  

First off, Louis Garneau is in the process of cranking out our new team kits. After spending the fall and early winter solidifying our design and sponsors, we’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our fresh new kits. If all goes accordingly in production, we hope to have them within the next four weeks – just in time for our first weekend of ECCC racing!

It’s hard to believe we’ll be heading off to Jamesburg, NJ in 24 days (yes, I’m counting down) for the Frozen Toed Season Opener. March 2 is just around the corner! We hope to ride outside as a team at least a few times before March, but who knows what the crazy weather of central New York has in store.

In the meantime, we’ve made the CoOp basement our team training headquarters.  Our new team rollers are certainly testing our balance and skillz. I’ll admit that I’ve primarily been riding my trainer out of fear that I’ll crash my new bike or injure myself if I make a mistake riding the rollers. Ben and Brandon, however, are rapidly developing their roller techniques and strategies. I predict they’ll be attempting roller tricks by the start of our season. 

We’re excited to welcome FIVE new members (Courtney, Lauren, Jamie, Peter, and Hunter) to our team this year! In total, we’ve got NINE members. Yes, we’re a small team, but we’re one person more than last year. At this rate, we’ll be larger than the UVM and Yale cycling teams in like….30 years. Watch out, ECCC. 

Well, those are all of the updates I have for you right now. If you haven’t already paid for your kit or team dues, please do so before Feb. 18.

Questions, comments, concerns, roller riding advice, alumni wanting to sponsor???? Send your words my way: mdunfey@hamilton.edu

Happy (mostly indoor) riding!



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we like to race bikes. a. lot.

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