Indoor Training Series has Arrived.

Check out our indoor training set-up!! We’ve got everything we need: huge fan, projector, surround sound, and mirrors.

Join us next Wednesday at 7:45 pm in the multi-purpose room! You won’t be disappointed. We experienced some technical glitches near the end of the race simulation DVD (I left it out on my common room table all week and it acquired a few scratches), but fortunately Brandon and I have watched the DVD enough that we were able to recite, practically word for word, the last five minutes of the race, which included a 2 minute steady-state effort, 1 minute power interval, 1 minute hill acceleration, and 1 minute sprint to the finish. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THE RACE SEASON TO BEGIN. T minus 3 months. Also, shout out to our newest team member, Courtney! Today was her first ride with us, and she rocked it. Woohoo for more female riders on the team. We expect the rest of the team to ride with us next week after they see this picture of how wonderful a set-up we have in the multi-purpose room.


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